Why Did My Garage Door Come Off Its Tracks?

As with many things in your home, you probably don’t pay too much attention to your garage door unless it’s not functioning properly. If your garage door stops opening and closing as it typically does or it comes crashing down, chances are that it’s come off its tracks. There are a variety of reasons why garage doors come off their tracks and the issues could be fixed quite easily by a professional.

  • Bent Door – This often happens when a driver runs into their garage door by pulling into the garage or backing out from it. Bent doors can be caused by other factors, but it commonly causes a garage door to come off the track.

  • Weak Tracks – Horizontal tracks can bend easily when they can’t handle the weight of the garage door, which is as heavy as 400 pounds. If you have a heavy garage door you need stronger tracks because if they are too weak the door will come off track.

  • Worn Out Rollers – There are several rollers that help glide a garage door along its tracks and helps it open and cloth smoothly. Even one or two rollers being worn out can lead to the door falling off its track.

  • Lift Cables – Lift cables are found on both sides of the garage door. The cable will break or come loose if the door loses alignment.

  • Loose Hardware – There are lots of moving parts connected to a garage door and over time they can wear down or come loose. Having every fastener on your garage door inspected and tightened is a good way to prevent this from causing problems.

As you now know, there are plenty of reasons a garage door can come off its tracks. Once it does, stop trying to use it right away and schedule an appointment with Guardian Garage.

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