Three Easy Ways to Keep Your Garage Cool During the Summer

If you live in New Jersey you know how hot it can get during the dog days of summer. It’s not difficult to cool the inside of your home to give you a break from the weather, but one area that often gets overlooked is your garage. Whether you mainly use your garage to park your vehicles or you use it as a workshop or for any types of hobbies, being in the garage during the summertime can be quite uncomfortable.

Most of the time your home’s air conditioner does not cool down the garage. Thankfully there are some other ways to cool down your garage space to make it more comfortable. The following tips can help you keep your garage cool during summer.

  • Ventilation – Even on a hot day it’s better to open up the doors and windows so your garage can have fresh air circulating inside it. You can also have a ventilation system installed. This may cost a bit more, but it’s worth it if you plan on spending lots of time in your garage.

  • Fans – A ceiling fan can be installed in your garage if it has enough clearance, meaning it’s at least eight feet tall. If you prefer, you can go with an oscillating household fan. You can also use a pedestal, box, or high-powered shop fan.

  • Vehicles – You might not even realize it, but parking your vehicles in your garage can cause the space to heat up. Your car is going to be warm when you park it and that heat will get trapped inside your garage. Vehicles also take up a lot of space making it more difficult for the air to circulate.

Guardian Garage Door Services can help you keep your garage cool during the summer using products like air screens to allow the air in while keeping bugs and insects out. Contact us today for more information.

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