Can a Garage be Unique?

Garages are functional spaces and, for the most part, they’re pretty similar. They can be attached to the house or detached, and typically they have room for storage and one or more cars. Most garages have a concrete floor and a sturdy door that’s usually made of steel, aluminum, wood, copper, glass, or vinyl. So what would make a garage unique?

  • Some garages are unique because they’re made to house unique items. Maybe the garage is unique because it holds a charging port, in order to house an electric car. A garage might be made of glass or some other translucent material, to show off its contents: maybe it holds a beautiful sports car. Some people build luxury garages to house high-end cars while also providing hang-out space for car enthusiasts to gather.

  • Other garages are created especially to fit with their surroundings, rather than standing out as unique spaces. Often, beautiful estates will have garages that are made of the same materials as the house and built in a way that brings symmetry to the home’s overall look. As a rule of thumb, garages should match the architectural style of the home. High-end homes deserve custom garage doors, like carriage house doors or specialty doors.

  • Sometimes, garages are designed to make the most of natural resources. A garden on the roof of the garage is one example of a way to utilize otherwise wasted space in a beneficial way. While a garden produces natural resources, other garages respect nature in the way they’re constructed. Garages can be made of sustainable local materials, or they can be made from recycled or reclaimed materials. Garage roofs can also be designed in such a way that they divert rainwater into a rain barrel, which is another way to make wise use of natural resources.

  • High-tech garages are a high-end solution. Today’s garage doors come with many high-tech options, like Wi-Fi garage door openers that work with your smartphone. Ceiling lifts provide a convenient storage option, and solar panels mounted on top of a garage can provide energy to the whole home. Some people build underground home garages, often using hydraulic lifts to optimize available space and store cars in a space that’s uniquely integrated into the home. For people with many cars, a multilevel garage may be the best solution and is another configuration in which hydraulic lifts can be used for convenient storage.

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